About Us

We’re a welcoming space to encourage and amplify connection with your ageing loved ones.

Our Mission

Reimagine The Ageing Experience With Human Connection.

At Ageing Connect we believe every person will benefit from understanding the importance of connection and collaboration within the ageing experience.

Having tips and actions available in an easily digestible way will enable you to find and have the moments that matter with your ageing loved ones.

We understand time is precious and life can be full of ups and downs so we’re here to help remove the burden and support you to take steps to strengthen your connections and collaboration.

Combining a deep knowledge of the people experience within organisations, with a sharp focus on human connection, Ageing Connect supports teams with best-of practice advice and offerings to reimagine culture and the way teams connect and collaborate.

Why Does Connect Matter?

We Understand Your Journey

Everyone involved in Ageing Connect has their own experience in losing an ageing loved one. We are committed to reducing the regret that often comes from the lack of intentional time to connect and opportunity to make beautiful memories. There has never been a more important time than now.

Strengthens Resilience

Reduces Stress

Increases Wellbeing

Sense of Purpose

Think Creatively

Sense of Belonging

The team at Ageing Connect combine a deep knowledge of employee experience, workforce engagement and culture to deliver expertise to both individuals needing support and providers across the Aged Care sector.

“Connecting with compassion or care is like a discipline – it requires conscious effort.”

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Our Promise To You

Whether you are looking to build your own understanding and utilise proven tools, or seeking tailored support for your team, we will partner with you to improve connection and collaboration.

We Collaborate

by partnering with experts to ensure we deliver value throughout the ageing experience and to those providing support.

We Are Human-Centric

in reimagining the ageing experience, knowing that during times of burden the choices we make can result in beautiful moments and lasting memories.

We Demonstrate Care

…by sharing evidence-based data, insights, resources and actions that honour the importance of connection within the ageing experience.